Semalt: Want To Scrape Web Content? FMiner is The Number One Option For You

Web scraping is the practice of extracting information from different web pages. The current web scraping solutions range from the ad-hoc to fully automated systems and can convert an entire website into structured information. FMiner is the most accurate and reliable tool on the internet that can scrape both images and texts. Scraping rules are arranged in the form of a tree, and you can add and modify the nodes in this tree.

Use FMiner to scrape dynamic content:

If you are looking to extract data from dynamic or sophisticated websites, FMiner is the right option for you. Unlike other ordinary data scrapers, FMiner has a machine learning technology and targets a large number of web pages. First of all, it navigates through different dynamic websites and collects useful information for you. In the next step, this tool scrapes the data and edits/fixes all its errors. It can perform both simple and complex data scraping tasks and contains different options and features to solve even the most complicated problems.

Two main options of FMiner:

FMiner has various advanced features and options and is designed to handle sophisticated data extraction tasks. As a user, you can get benefited from its two main options: data identification and spam protection. With its data identification option, you can identify different data patterns and recognize useful web pages for yourself. Plus, FMiner ensures complete spam protection and the scraped data is never shared with anyone else. The software is capable of handling different extraction tasks and modifies your web pages as per your requirements. You can use FMiner to scan various websites and save data in CSV or JSON formats easily.

Free and paid versions:

The free version of FMiner is suitable for non-programmers, freelancers, small and medium-sized companies. Its paid version is good for programmers, large-sized companies, and top brands. There are two types of paid versions: FMiner Basic ($168) and FMiner Pro ($398). You can easily choose a paid version and scrape as many web pages as you want. FMiner allows you to monitor the quality of your data while it is being scraped. This tool is capable of handling up to two hundred data extraction tasks in an hour and saves your time and energy.

Download its free version to test FMiner's features: offers a free trial. You can download this free version to unlock all basic features of FMiner. With this 14-day trial version, you can scrape up to two thousand web pages conveniently. Once the subscription period ends, you can buy either FMiner Basic or FMiner Pro to continue scraping web pages with utmost quality.

With all major benefits and advantages offered by FMiner, you must try this tool. FMiner is a good alternative to Screen Scraper and Unlike those tools, FMiner comes with an advanced crawling technology and extracts data from hundreds of pages in an hour. You can be assured of high-quality information and 99.9% accuracy. Various people opt for FMiner due to its amazing features. This software can extract data from sites with cookies and redirects.